November 12, 2022

Your questions answered: Monthly Meet November 2022

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Every month, the members of Chorley FC Supporters Trust meet at Victory Park and have their chance to vote on matters, discuss the trust and ask questions directly to the Manager and senior figures at the club. Here's your questions answered from November 2022:

Speaking to the owners:

Q: How is the relationship with the council at the moment? Given we’re their local football club, they don’t seem supportive despite being our landlords. Do they know we exist?

A: The club continues to try and develop a relationship with the Council. Unfortunately, there continues to be minimal interest from their side in supporting the club. That said, the club are working on a proposal at the moment and intend to go back to the council so they can consider it.

Q: What’s the current status regarding official away travel? Is there still a trial planned?

A: The club intend to provide official away supporters travel as a trial in due course. Banbury was touted as an option. Once finalised, the club and the trust will announce the details.

Q: Could there be some special offers (Eg £2 a pint) for 12pm – 2pm before kick-off whilst the world cup is on, or other BT games? Also, if we’re playing early (eg Curzon at 12pm – 2pm), could there be a special offer afterwards?

A: This will be considered by the club and they will see what they can do. There have been increases to the cost price of food & drink recently, but the club decided not to increase the price supporters pay. £2 a pint is unlikely, but there might be something they can do for those times mentioned.

Q: Are there any plans to make the main stand a better experience for supporters? What’s the current status on it?

A: The costs involved in restoring the unavailable sections of the main stand would be significant (eg £40k+), so right not it’s not a feasible spend in the current climate. Grant funding continues to be explored for projects like this. The council playing an active role, given they are the landlords, would be helpful.

Speaking to the Manager, Andy Preece:

Q: Further fans have asked why we still attack towards the pilling lane end (away stand) in the first half, and then towards the Duke street Stand (Home stand) in the second half. It used to be the other way around. Would Preecey consider trialling a game the other way around?

A: This was an interesting conversation and Preecey took the time to understand the request and the history of why fans discuss this. His current thinking is that games are won in the second half, and recently the support from the home stand has been fantastic. That said, he will consider trialling a game where we kick the other way around.

Q: When we’re comfortably winning (eg at Farsley), Preecey tends to make changes in the later stages of the game and the defending can become “panicky”, why is this?

A: Preecey tends to look at making positive, impactful changes to kill the game off in the second half. There are a number of strategic reasons why he makes the changes, which can vary game to game. That said, the reasons could include;

-    Strategic decisions based on the opposition

-    Squad rotation and giving all players an opportunity to get minutes and stay sharp

-    Resting key players for games ahead

-    Time management

-    Trying to kill the game off instead of inviting pressure

He also mentions that regardless of set up, sometimes the end of games can become more “panicky” regardless of who’s playing and the setup. Sometimes mitigating circumstances like Scott Leather being sent off don’t help either!

Q: We seem short on defenders right now (injuries and sendings off), are any of our players out on loan able to step up and replace?

A: The players out on loan at the moment continue to progress well. That said, there are a number of first team players close to a return now. Scott Wilson, Scott Leather, Adam Henley etc will all be back. Bringing back loan players now would mean in a few games time they won’t get the minutes they need, so it’s better to keep giving them the opportunity to develop on loan.

Q: Gateshead stormed the league last season and took on a number of loan players who were successful, could we do the same? Do finances allow?

A: It’s something the club continue to explore and they can make a difference. Rhys Fenlon from Accrington Stanley (former Manchester City prospect) is nearing his return to action, and he’s an incredibly exciting talent the fans will enjoy. We (manager and owners) continue to look for deals which are right.

In regards to loan players in general, there are a few things which need considering.

-    Having the right cultural fit in and around the squad is key, and getting this right with loan players can be a challenge

-    Developing our permanent squad players is the priority. With loan players, you’re effectively developing a player from another club and that coaching resource could be better spend with our squad members.

-    The loan fees nowadays can be very expensive, particularly for players who will have that impact and are also a good cultural fit.

-    There can also be restrictive clauses in loan player contracts, such as minimum game time which can impact the permanent members of the squad.

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