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Ownership of Chorley FC


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Our collective Objectives

Supporting the community

We donate to charity, volunteer at community projects, and back fan-focused initiatives

Supporting the club

We invest in club projects which benefit players & staff to boost on-pitch performance

Representing the fans

As part owners of the club, we sit on the board and advocate for the views of all trust members

Benefits of being a member

Become a shareholder

Trust members collectively hold 9.5% ownership of the club. By being a member of the trust, you own part of Chorley FC

Have a right to vote
All trust members get to vote on important club matters. From how the trust is run, through to electing board members
Keep the club accountable

We two board seats at the club. We make sure our members are heard and their questions are answered

Back community & club projects

Membership fees are donated to various projects which benefit the club and wider Chorley community

Receive exclusive club news

Receive priority insights into how the club is run, the latest news, and exclusive content, such as player interviews.

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Every supporters trust member get a share in the club alongside exclusive insights into how the club is being run.