July 8, 2023

STATEMENT | Update RE donation to club project

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We are able to provide a further update to our members and the supporters of Chorley Football Club regarding the recently proposed donationto the Club.

Last week we announced that the Trust were to donate £3,000 out of the Fan Ownership Fund (FOF) towards the renovation of the toilets at Victory Park. Our initial offer to the club was in the region of £4,500 which was over half of the balance of the FOF at the time the offer was placed. This would have covered roughly 30% of the estimated costs of the £12,000 - £15,000 project. After further discussions as a Trust board, we lowered this offer to £3,000 in order to keep the FOF with more than half of its original balance remaining.

After presenting this lower offer to the club we have been informed of their decision to decline the lower offer for this particular project and instead are open to exploring alternative options that would be feasible within this budget.

We have since replied to the club to ask for a list of projects which they believe would fit this £3,000 that we have offered. Once we have received this response we will then bring these options to the members of the Trust.

You will then get a chance to vote on whether we continue to donate the £3,000 or retain it in the fund.

The voting will be the following options:

  • Donate to another listed project as suggested by the club - The options will be given in the vote.
  • Retain the £3,000 in the fund.

Members will receive correspondence on how to vote, and the final options, once the discussions with the Club have concluded

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