November 28, 2023

STATEMENT | Update on share purchase vote

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We have been made aware that some members did not receive their notification for voting on the recent vote of purchasing shares in Chorley Football Club. Voting was done online using Mailchimp's platform, and those without an email address were given paper voting slips during recent home games at Victory Park.

After a review of the system we used, we believe that some members unsubscribed from our mailing list and Under UK GDPR legislation, we cannot resubscribe members to this list which has resulted in them missing the opportunity to vote.

In order to remain fair to our members, to ensure they get to perform their right and have the opportunity to vote we are going to extend the deadline.

If you believe you have not received notification for voting then please email before midnight on Wednesday 29th November - Your email will then be validated and you will have until 8pm on Friday 1st December to register your vote.

After the deadline above has passed, no further votes will be counted and the result will be made public on Monday 4th December.

As ever, we would like to thank our members for their support and we thank Chorley Football Club for presenting us this opportunity.

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