May 23, 2023

STATEMENT | Takeover complete

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For some time we have all been aware that a major change was pending at Chorley Football Club, with owners Ken Wright and Graham Watkinson preparing to transfer their holdings to new owners. The Magpies Trust monitored the process and conducted its own diligence, sharing its findings with FSA and the current owners.

Chorley FC have now confirmed the change of ownership. The Magpies Trust retains its shareholding and its status as part-owners of Chorley FC, with ongoing representation on the club’s board of directors.

Supporter Director Pete Thompson recently had a chat with new owner Prince Yemoh at Victory Park during an under 19s game. It was a very positive conversation, with Prince confirming a desire to continue Chorley FC’s ethos of being a community-centric club, and for both the Magpies Trust and Community Foundation to be closely involved in future discussions and plans. He and others will be meeting formally with the boards of both organisations in the near future and we will of course subsequently provide updates to members and to the fanbase in general. We will be extending an invitation to Prince and colleagues to attend the forthcoming Magpies Trust AGM and will advise as soon as possible if they will be available to do so.

Magpies Trust extends a warm welcome to the new owner and we look forward to working with him, his colleagues and with the Community Foundation as we begin an exciting new chapter in the history of Chorley Football Club. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank Ken and Graham for everything that was achieved during their time as custodians – and for supporting and working constructively with the Trust during those years.

With the dawn of a new era at Victory Park, there has never been a better time to join us – and there is no better way for you to ensure you have a say in the future of Chorley FC, as well as having an actual stake in the club. If you want your voice to be heard then please visit our website and become a member of the Magpies Trust.

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