December 5, 2023

STATEMENT | Share purchase vote results

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In July, as a gesture of support to the new ownership of Chorley Football Club, the Trust offered to donate a sum towards the renovation of the Victory Park toilets. This offer was declined in favour of looking at future appropriate projects within our budget.

At our November members’ meeting, Magpies Trust Chair Julian Vass presented the board’s proposal to offer the club a £7,000 donation to be used on a project they thought best. In return, the Trust would increase its shareholding to 10%. This proposal has been agreed in principle, awaiting confirmation.

In the meantime, a vote on the proposal was sent out to the membership and we can now confirm, following that vote, the results stand as follows:

In Favour – 86.3%

Against – 9.8%

Abstain – 3.9%

With the voting concluded, we can also now confirm that we are starting the legal process with the Club to increase our shares.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our members for their participation in this vote and also to the management of Chorley Football Club to allow us the opportunity.

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