February 12, 2024

STATEMENT | Magpies Trust update

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Since news of Boyzone becoming the ‘face of Chorley FC' broke this week, we wanted to clarify our position on the news, what it means to the supporters and members of Magpies Trust, and the potential impact to Chorley Football Club.

Throughout the week we have been contacted by several media outlets wanting to speak to Trust representatives on the news. Opportunities we have gladly accepted as it has given us the chance to widen our audience when it comes to people knowing that Chorley FC has an official supporters Trust.

Various members of the Trust board and our volunteers have been questioned this week about the news of Boyzone and quite rightly we are all quite excited about the possibilities that could come from the involvement of famous ambassadors at Chorley Football Club. During these interviews, Magpies Trust board members have all given the same unified message.

“It’s exciting, it should be positive, but the supporters are still the backbone of the football club.”

Whilst Saturday did not produce the result we wanted on the pitch, the attendance and buzz around the ground was certainly one that we can be satisfied with and hopefully scenes that we will see time and time again in the near future.  

Following the game at the weekend, one of our Supporter Directors at the club spoke with Brian McFadden, probably the biggest football follower among our celebrity guests that day. His enthusiasm undiminished by the match result, Brian reiterated what he had been telling others throughout the afternoon – that they were all very excited by the prospect of becoming involved with ‘the Magpies’ and were certain that discussions would continue and develop. All we can do now is watch this space.

The potential impact this involvement could have on Chorley Football Club and the community is something we haven’t seen ever. In recent times we saw the community come together in 2011 when Garry Flitcroft revitalised the football club with his fast flowing attacking style which earnt the club several promotions.

With the information that we have received, we are quite excited about what the future holds for The Magpies – but that doesn’t mean our work stops.

What does it mean to supporters? You are still very much part and parcel of Chorley Football Club. The media have repeatedly brought Wrexham into the conversation and trying to compare their takeover bid to Boyzone being the ‘face of the club’. Whilst Wrexham are owned by two Hollywood names, they also sell out their home games along with making money through other supporter required interests – such as shirts. You are never going to stop being appreciated.

Over the weekend, we welcomed 3 new members to the Trust which took us up to the 100 member mark, and today we have surpassed that total.

The Trust will always play a vital role in the development of Chorley Football Club as we represent you, the fans. We have two supporter elected directors who sit on the football club board and participate in meetings involving Jamie Vermiglio and other key stakeholders at the club. We have access across all areas of the football club from the first team manager all the way through to day-to-day staff. This gives Magpies Trust the platform to voice your concerns to anyone around the club.

Since May last year we have held various meetings giving supporters the chance to ask questions to the Chief Operating Officer, Chairman, First Team Manager, and Club Secretary. We have given supporters the chance to win various Chorley related merchandise from brand new shirts to match day tickets and provided exclusive insights such as the away journey to Hythe and the managers thoughts via social media. We have also negotiated concerns around the Club that supporters have raised to us, ticket prices, physical programmes.

Very recently, even as volunteers, we worked tremendously hard to get information out to supporters about the news of a winding up order from HMRC and sequential transfer embargo placed on the club. It was important that supporters knew as much information about this as they could, and we gave what we knew. We then contacted the ownership immediately to get clarification on the matter and again, informed supporters instantly. As of this evening, that embargo has officially been lifted and it is business as usual.

We thank our members, supporters of Chorley Football Club, and the management team behind the club, for their support, understanding and co-operation.

If you want to know more information about the supporters Trust then please do visit our HQ which can be located on the Ashby Street side of the ground.

For The Fans, By The Fans.

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