February 10, 2024

PROGRAMME PIECE | Solihull Moors

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Welcome to Victory Park for today's FA Trophy 5th Round tie against Solihull Moors. A warm welcome to everyone who has made the trip from the West Midlands, we hope you enjoy your visit.

Last Thursday we held a meeting inside the social club to provide an update to supporters on everything Trust related as well as hosting a panel with representatives from the Club. On the panel we had Jamie Vermiglio, Steve Arnold and Andy Preece, who joined us from home via video link.

Those in attendance were appreciative of the answers they had received and everyone left feeling extremely positive. These meetings are held for the benefit of the fans to ask any questions and we are proud to facilitate the events, making sure that those making decisions within the football club can be seen and spoken to by you, the fans. As ever, the full run down of the Q&A session can be viewed via our website. Those who would like other versions can of course get them upon request.

Fast forward a week and we are now talking about a different subject at Victory Park – Boyzone joining our Club has well and truly gone viral in the national news. It has been a privilege and an honour to speak to various media outlets on behalf of the Trust. For those that know me, you know my story. Those that don’t, I have been part of Chorley Football Club for 22 years and volunteered for the last 16 or so of those. I am extremely excited about the prospect of household names attending VP and becoming part of what we hope is an exciting and positive journey – just like I was when Flitcroft walked through the door and changed the footballing side of the club for the better. I am, of course, like you. Also wary of the reasoning behind things that happen, which is why I and the Trust will always be in communication with the ownership team to make sure what is done has the interest of the Club, community and its fanbase in mind.  

If you are unsure about things – That is what your Trust is for. The key word is your. The Trust is owned by its members. Regulated by authorities, and the board are people who have a passion, care and love for the Club and the town which it represents.

If you ever have questions for the Trust, our operations, our involvement in the Club or who we are then we are all very approachable people with a base of operations at Victory Park every match day.  

Enjoy the game and I look forward to welcoming you all to the Magpie Family as part of Magpies Trust.



Membership Update

How much does it cost? £10 per year, or £5 per month to be a ‘Super Fan’ .

How do I register? On our website, at Trust HQ on matchdays or speak with a Trust board member – Look out for our lanyards to identify us.

Do I need to do anything else? You can be as active or inactive as you like. We are always looking for volunteers but if you can’t commit the time, your membership is commitment enough.

Please visit our website for further news and updates.

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