November 27, 2023

MEETING MINUTES | November 2023

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This month Tom Clarke joined us down at Victory Park for our Q&A session.

Julian Vass declared the meeting open

·        Apologies: Alison Butcher and Mary Toal.

·        Finances: JP Lynch provided a financial update for September & October.


Income                                 £1905.21

Expenses                             £946.69

Bank Balances:

Working Account               £3,093.28

Magpies Fund                    £6,959,93


There were no questions about the financial update.

·        Membership update: There are presently 89 members.

·        Trust Update:

Margaret was welcomed as the 2nd Supporter Director of Chorley FC.

Julian informed attendees that the board proposed to stop having Members’ meetings every month and instead hold them every other month, hopefully with a view to making them bigger events with more people attending. Alternative events could be held on alternate months e.g. quizzes – and additional meetings can be called if necessary. There were no objections to this proposal. There will be a Members’ meeting and a Christmas Quiz on December 7th and the next Members’ meeting after that will be in February 2024.

Dates for diaries:

2nd, 7th and 12th December - Food Bank collection for Living Waters.

7th December – Christmas Quiz –Entry £3 members £4 non-members. Raffle prize donations welcome. Food provided on the night. Tom Clarke said the club would provide food at cost and help publicise the event.

23rd December – The Trust are looking at the potential to hold an event in collaboration with the Community Foundation.

Julian asked for ideas for fund-raising. Tom offered a half-season ticket as a draw prize when the Trust gains X number of members. He added that the club were trying a number of incentives, giving as an example members of youth teams getting a free match ticket and a parent getting a discounted ticket. He suggested the Trust could find ways to encourage young people to become members – and to see if we could find common ground with other organisations and groups.

Podcasts discussed – Tom said the club were looking to do better social media presentations, including having a pod room with good quality sound. Jue said the Trust would support this as we have done something similar in the past but volunteer numbers would make this difficult at present.

Ed, joining the meeting online, mentioned that the club used to have a merchandise stall at Chorley Market. Tom not keen on this.

·        Questions for Tom Clarke:

How are the clubhouse roof repairs going? In progress.

Will half-season tickets be available this year? Yes.

Update on Reset Events accounts/filings? Tom will look into this. Should happen shortly.

Testimonial for Andy Teague? Tom will look into this, Calum suggested a ‘club legends’ game involving long-serving players past and present.

Paul asked Tom if things were going as he expected at the club. Tom replied that there was a lot more going on and a lot more to running a football club than he had expected but he felt that things were generally very positive.

Plans for a roof on the Fanzone? Not at the moment.

Ian - anything planned for children in the Fanzone? Not at present.

·        Julian mentioned that the board had proposed to give the club £7,000 to be used as they thought best, in exchange for the Trust’s holding in the club being increased to 10%. This had been agreed in principal but to be confirmed. There were no objections from the floor and this will go to a members’ vote.

·        Tom Clarke congratulated Margaret on becoming a club director.

·        AOB? No.

·        Player of the Month nominations:

Jack Sampson, Justin Johnson, Jack Moore, Adam Henley.

 Meeting closed.

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