February 13, 2024

IN MEMORIAM | Ian Bagshaw

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Here at the Magpies Trust, we could not do what we do without the support of our fantastic volunteers. The same can be said for Chorley Football Club, where a rich history of volunteering has helped it flourish from competing in the Cheshire County League, right through to the Conference.  

Within this esteemed band of volunteers, to name a few, many will recognise the name of the Golden Girls, or Nigel Chadwick, who had a super-fan category all of his own. For most, Ian Bagshaw was the club historian, a volunteer, super-fan, and he could easily fit the niche title of Mr. Chorley F.C.

I personally got to know Ian through my dad who first met Ian through some of his other voluntary work. Passionate about all things Chorley, Ian urged him to become a member of the local historical postcard club after they met through an acquaintance with a shared interest.

Ian was also a part of Chorley History Society, his last talk coming on Tuesday 08th January 2019, titled The Royal Mail & The Secret Language of Postcards. Just this week, Trust member Carole Turner left a memory of Ian having provided a talk at Adlington Library, and also regularly for the Sporting Memories group.  

That was Ian, selfless with his time and ready to help out in any way he could.

Due to moving away for University and other commitments I was only able to start getting back to Victory Park regularly in 2018. The first game of the 2018-19 season was at home to York City, and there Ian was in the matchday programme, his Flashback piece a highlight to read.

As I began working on a few historical projects myself around the club, whenever I met a dead end, everyone would always point in the same direction, “ask Ian.”

From there, I got to know Ian at countless home matches. I would keenly look forward to the time spent in the social club before a game talking to Ian where he would sit amongst friends. If conversation turned to the history of the town or the club and a question needed answering, all heads would turn to Ian and he would be happy to give the answer.

Over the intervening years we began to work together on numerous historical projects for the club, he generously gave me countless programmes and memorabilia from the goodness of his heart. Looking through these programmes, I was shocked to find just how far back Ian’s volunteering went.

This season Ian has helped me with information and graphics for the matchday programme, if I was ever stuck for the information, he would kindly invite me to his home for a brew where he’d go and find what was needed from possibly the greatest Chorley Football Club memorabilia collection that exists.

That was the kind of man Ian was, and will be remembered fondly for, a kind, generous man, full of charisma, and an encyclopaedic brain of all things Chorley and Chorley Football Club.

On behalf of the Magpies Trust, I’d like to acknowledge the service to our great club that Ian made throughout many, many years. He made Victory Park a fantastic place to visit and will be sorely missed by everyone who knew him.

Rest in peace, Ian Bagshaw.

By Martin Ramsbotham.

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