May 6, 2023

Fan Questions Answered | May 2023

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Every month, the members of the Magpies Trust meet at Victory Park and have their chance to vote on matters and ask questions directly to senior figures at the club & trust. Unfortunately this month we had to do a slight change of regular proceedings and questions where noted and sent to the club for a response. Here's your questions answered for May 2023:

Is Graham looking at staying on [after the takeover], do we know if that's been agreed?

GW: Yes looking to stay on in some capacity at the end of the day I’m still a Chorley fan.

Q: Has a retained list been sorted?

GW: Preecy has had a meeting with all the lads and has taken the opportunity for a weekend break, official retained list has to be in by 13th [May] so this will be put in place and information on the squad will be announced at the same time.

Q: Is it true the pitch is being replaced to 3G?

GW: 3G is in the plans for the future, they aren’t my preferred surface but your head has to rule at some point and financially are the way forwards but realistically if it does happen it won’t be for a couple of seasons at least.

Q: Do we have plans for a bigger squad?

GW: Several targets have been identified for recruitment over the summer and a slightly larger squad is planned

Q: Is there a plan B should the deal not happen?

GW: Plan B would be to reassess the available budget & carry on with the current ethos which is to back the manager as strongly as possible.

Q: Is there going to be a fan zone? What is it?

GW: Fan zone basically is an area where we can put on different things before & possibly after games, bar, different food offerings, live music & things for kids to do leading up to games. The plan is to put together the area & let you the fans decide what kind of things you would like to see.

Q: We are getting deafened in the stands, what can be done about this?

GW: We are looking at some ways of improving the PA system over the summer & is on the list of jobs that are a relatively easy fix to improve the match day experience but have struggled budget wise in the past to complete.

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