February 8, 2023

Fan Questions Answered: February 2023

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Every month, the members of the Magpies Trust meet at Victory Park and have their chance to vote on matters and ask questions directly to senior figures at the club & trust. Here's your questions answered for February 2023:

Q: Are there any plans to open up the currently closed section of the main stand?

A: The main stand has serious structural problems underneath and it’s currently notsafe to use. The stand will not fall down, but on a matchday if we was to use it then this could cause an issue due to dynamic loading. To make it open to fans it will take at least £40,000 to improve the stand then new seats will be £5,000. For 140 seats it’s not economically viable to use the money on that when there are other priorities at the moment with an example being the toilets and the disabled facilities.

Q: Are there any plans to sort out the pigeons in the warm weather?

A: The club are doing their best to deal with them. Items such as netting and other humane ways.

Q: What are relations with the council like at the moment?

A: The council are currently indifferent.

Q: What security will be in place for the match on Saturday (Southport)?

A: The match will be segregated and police presence will be seen in the town centre and outside the ground. The club have recently been reprimanded regarding the flares at the Fylde match and they are hoping to avoid any of these in the future.

Q: Could more content be put into the programmes?

A: For this to happen then the club will need people to contribute They are happy to put content in but will need for it to be brought to the club. The contact at the club is Alex Birch.

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