February 7, 2024

FAN Q&A | February 2024

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This month saw Jamie Vermiglio and Steve Arnold take questions at Victory Park whilst first team manager Andy Preece joined virtually.


JV (Trust) – Julian Vass (Trust Chair)
JV (Club) - Jamie Vermiglio (Club Chair)
AP - Andy Preece (First Team Manager)
DJ - Darren Jenkinson (Chorley FC Community Foundation Chair)

Q: What's the possibility of more players coming in?

AP: We are always looking to increase numbers. We are a bit short of players and have a lot of Tuesday night fixtures pending. Got a few names in mind – it’s about getting quality players at the right price who will fit in with the squad. We have done well with loan players recently.

Q: Is there any chance of Marco Rus coming back?

AP: It’s still possible but, understandably, he wants to play at the highest level he can.

Q: Any update on Jack Moore?

AP: We are keeping an eye on the possibility of getting him.

Q: How is Jack Sampson [regarding the suspected concusion]?

AP: We are monitoring him. He will be out for a couple of weeks or perhaps longer. There is a protocol for him to follow and he has done one bit of light training

Q: When does the transfer window close?

JV (Trust): National League window doesn't close until March

JV (Club): We look for other players who are unable to get places at a higher level. Preecy and Ando are working hard to find more

Q: Any possible loan recalls because of injuries?

AP: Harry Scarborough a possibility but we don’t want to rush into the decision of recalling him only for him not to play. Any others still developing and getting valuable game time elsewhere.

Q: David Moyo?

AP: David Moyo was injured while on loan at Spennymoor and will be out for some time.

Q: How do you [Andy] feel about the FA Trophy match against Solihull Moors?

AP: We could have had an easier one but you have to beat the higher level teams at some point. Chorley put in a good performance at a difficult ground in Hythe.

JV (Club): Thanks to Ed for the helpful notes he provided prior to the match at Hythe as he's our southern corrospondant.

Comment: Some supporters have emailed the club and had no response

JV (Club): There is a transition of senior staff with some email addresses being reorganised and some may currently be inaccessible. The club will be publicising email address updates on it's website. Steve will check on ‘info@’ email. His email address is steve.arnold@chorleyfc.com

Q: Do we get a cut of National League streaming money?

SA: We get some from the NL but the process is being changed because few clubs are benefiting. NL looking to change providers and increase quality – probably sometime next season.

Q: How is Rhys Fenlon doing?

AP: Coming on well but it will be a long recovery. Hoping to seem him back before the end of this season but not certain

Q: Can we give any info on the Blackpool ‘U turn’ on Jack Moore?

AP: They wanted to try to get him into the first team. He was on the bench for a recent match against Bolton

Q: Did we try to get Connor Hall rather than let Brackley get him on loan from Solihull?

AP: We have kept an eye on him and been in touch but he wanted to stay fairly local to where he lives so us getting him was not an option, unfortunately

Q: Who is looking after the pitch now that Calum has gone?

JV (Club): We have a replacement but he wishes to remain anonymous.

Q: When will plans mentioned by Prince Yemoh during the takeover be actioned?

JV (Club): We are close to being more ‘green’ with everyone being paid every month. Funds will be provided to Preecy to replace players lost through injuries and recalls. Owners want the club to be sustainable and won’t just be throwing lots of money at it – they are taking a longer term viewpoint

Q: Who controls the club and what happened to Calum?

JV (Club): Prince is the owner through Reset Events but others also involved. Tom Clarke is CFO. Prince plans to visit soon.

Q: How is the virus that’s doing the rounds?

AP: Yes, it’s going through the team. Taking measure to stop it spreading within the squad. Most players little affected.

Q: Will the new owners fulfill their promise of "necessary resources for permanent training facilities for players/staff" and fully engage with Chorley Council to assure this end?

JV (Club): The club are in ongoing discussions with the Council on issues including facilities

DJ: A councillor had been allocated to the Community Foundation board

Other updates:

Several schools have signed up to ongoing project to involve more children and parents. Darren Jenkinson said all Saturdays to the end of season booked with children and flagbearers and sometimes as ball-kids. This is all about bringing on the next generation of Chorley fans. There are 68 primary schools in the borough and 9 high schools.

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