September 18, 2022

Fan questions answered: Sept 22

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On the 15th September 2022, Chorley FC Supporters Trust took a handful of fan questions to the owners to be answered. Here's a write-up of the key takeaways.

Q: What happened to official away travel and will it be returned for fans who want to attend away games this season?

A: Club arranged official away travel was historically postponed due to low demand and a resulting financial loss. After discussion and fan demand, the club have decided to bring it back as a trial for the Buxton away game on the 5th November. Tickets for travel will be available on the club website in due course, and advertised on social media when available.

Q: In the past, we used to kick-off attacking the home fans (Pilling Lane End), and then in the second half, attack the away fans (Duke Street End). For this, some Choley FC fans would migrate to the bottom of the main stand to support. This is no longer the case and we now kick the opposite ways, howcome?

A: This change was a strategic decision by Jamie Vermiglio, looking to attack the home fans (Pilling Lane End) in the second half. This question was actually raised to Andy Preecey too, and he agrees with Jamie's decision that it's beneficial to attack the end where you home fans are in the second half. He has taken the fans feedback on board though and will consider. This is not a club board-level decision, and sits with the manager.

Q: A number of fans are wondering what the future holds in regards to the ownership of the club. How are the current owners planning for the future in this regard?

A: A really interesting dicussion this one. The current owners always saw their tenure lasting around 5 years. They are both aware that they will not be around forever. This season, they are looking towards succession planning and are copmletely open to new owners coming in who can take the club forward. The most important thing for Graham & Ken is that any new owner is reliable, has a realistic plan for ownership, and has the resources to keep the club running.

For the next time we meet with the owners to pitch fan questions, we'll make sure we get word out so you can submit your questions.

Thanks all, any comment or discussion is more than welcome.

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