July 6, 2023

BOARD UPDATE | Confirmation of Magpies Trust Board

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We confirmed at our AGM in June that our Supporter Director, Jonathan Slater, was standing down from his position on both the Club and Trust board.

We would like to thank Jonathan for his outstanding contributions towards the re-branding and modernisation of Magpies Trust.

Throughout his time with the Trust board, Jonathan's expertise and guidance in business management have proven invaluable, especially during the re-branding and modernisation as previous mentioned.

As we thank Jonathan for his efforts and commitments, we are thrilled to welcome Martin Ramsbotham as our newly appointed Digital Co-Ordinator.

Martin is a avid supporter of the Trust and will play a key role in our future as he takes on his new found position. He brings with him a keen eye for detail, excellent understanding of digital communications and a passion for all things Chorley Football Club.

Martin's role will involve him maintaining our excellent social media channels and creating exciting website content.

If you can think of something that the Trust could use on these outputs then Martin can be contacted via martin@magpiestrust.org

In order to provide some consistency within the Trust we have adopted a new Governance Policy which outlines the roles and responsibilities of our current Board of Directors. This newly created policy is ran in conjunction with our Society Rules and Election Policy and can be viewed fully upon request.

The positions of Chair and Vice-Chair have been elected by the Trust Board for a period of 2 years, after which the post holders may stand for re-election for further 3 year periods and, if successful, up to a total of 12 consecutive years.

We are pleased to say that these roles will continue with Julian Vass as Chair and Pete Thompson as Vice-Chair.

As already mentioned, Martin Ramsbotham has joined our Trust board as Digital Co-Ordinator. This position will too follow the governance guidelines as the Chair and Vice-Chair.

Our Treasurer and Secretary roles are to be filled by John-Paul Lynch and Alison Butcher respectively.

These roles will be elected by the Trust Board for a period of 2 years, after which the post holders may stand for re-election for a further 1 year period. Due to the specialist nature of this post there is no maximum term of office for this post.

Magpies Trust are proud to hold 2 seats on the Football Club Board, one of which has recently become vacant. We will shortly be starting the extensive recruitment process to fill this important position.

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