June 26, 2023

2023 AGM | Plans and objectives

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For those who could not attend the Annual General Meeting on Wednesday in the Social Club, or would simply like a recap, here are the slides along with the briefing notes that was shown and discussed by Trust Chair, Julian.

Magpies Trust continues to adopt model rules which it must abide by in order to properly govern the organisation. Our 2023 aims and objectives continue in line with those rules and they are as follows:

1.      Continue to be the democratic and representative voice of the supporters

Our purchase of 9.5% shares at the club means that we as a Trust are entitled to have two seats on the club board which must be taken up by Magpies Trust current Board of Directors. With these seats we can and will continue to be the voice of the supporters at Chorley Football Club.

2.      Continue to improve the relationship between the club and supporters

The relationship between the club and the supporters is vitally important. Over the years this is something that the Trust has improved on substantially with the two seats on the club board as previously mentioned, and the accessibility to club officials via the monthly meetings that we hold. We plan to continue inviting club officials to these meetings in order to keep the dialogue and the communication channels open between the two parties.

3.      Promote the club in the community

Utilise our social media channels as well as our voice within the community to promote the name of Chorley Football Club and increase the footfall on match days. Along with the Community Foundation, we can all make a difference.

4.      Support the Club financially where possible

With the support of our members we would like to continue to assist the club through various income streams. Sponsor events, advertise around the ground, donate towards projects. Where possible, in line with our model rules and with the support of our members, we will continue to do the above. If the opportunity arises, we will also look at the possibility of increasing our share holding in the club as we remain a firm believer in supporter ownership and fan influence.

We would like to thank the club for their support in our membership benefits that we have been able to offer this year. The benefits on offer could have the potential to help the Trust increase our membership base and give back to our supporters and the club.

  •  Priority match tickets

Should an all-ticket event take place this season then we have agreed with the club to implement the following ticket structure:

  1. Season Ticket holders + Magpies Trust members
  2. Season Ticket holders
  3. Magpies Trust members
  4. General Sale
  • 10% off Club merchandise

Every Trust member will get 10% off purchases in the club shop. A much welcomed benefit for all of our members.

  • Priority & discounted coach travel

Should the club or Magpies Trust organise official coach travel to any away game then we will make sure that Trust members are at the top of the access list. We will also provide discounted seats for members (Unless the coach is already subsidised).

  • Discount for Trust events

Members will have access to Trust led events at a discounted rate.

Super Fan Benefits
  • Prize Draw

Each month our Super Fans are entered into a draw to win a range of prizes from match worn shirts to hospitality packages and everything in between.

  • The knowledge you are supporting Magpies Trust every single month.

If you become a Super Fan of Magpies Trust then you are directly supporting projects that we run. Every Super Fan brings £5 per month into the Trust which we can capitalise on and use for a variety of projects both inside the Club and amongst the community.

To register as a member or Super Fan of the trust then visit our online shop.

We want to inform of all our members, and even non-members, how we as an organisation intend to operate going forward into the new season.

  • Recruitment Drive

We are always on the lookout for personnel who can improve the Trust and help our progression. The current Board have outlined various positions which we think will help achieve our goals and objectives for this season and beyond. These roles will be advertised on our website and social media. Currently we have match day roles available such as a Match Day Co-Ordinator and 50/50 sellers. We are also still recruiting members for the Trust Board. For more information, click here.

  • Professionalism

Volunteer handbooks and policies have been created and will be supplied to our volunteers. Along with these policies we have completed a rebrand of the Trust which comes with a refreshing new logo, website and online shop. We have put procedures in place to assist our match day and general operating practices.

  • Policy implementation

We have made sure all of our policies are up to date and are in line with legislation provided by the Football Supporters’ Association. The policies will be accessible on our website and can be requested by anyone. They are to protect both the Trust Board and our volunteers as we continue our professional journey.

  • Website updates

Our website should be the first point of call for all of our latest news. We will continue our efforts to make sure that it remains updated with information for the supporters.

  • Victory Park Visitor Guide

An away Visitor Guide has been created and will be located on the Trust website. The guide is a way of the Trust to advertise who we are and what we do, not just to home fans but away ones too. The guide will be shared on social media via the Trust and hopefully will be reshared by the club aswell as the visiting the club. It consists of a brief introduction to who the Trust are, a map of Victory Park, travel and hospitality information for visiting the town, club hospitality information and finally a map of the town which can be used as a small money maker for the Trust as we charge businesses a fee to get their business listed. The potential reach could be quite big if shared to EFL and PL clubs too when they are playing around this area.

  • Programmes

We are once again bringing hard copies of match day programmes to Victory Park next season. There will be at least 30 hard copies of the programmes on sale at each home game. We are also providing a service through our website to order programmes for delivery at £4.00 each.

  • Picture Wall/Trust HQ

In a bid to make Trust HQ a welcoming place for all Chorley fans we want to involve the supporters in this. Send your snaps in the black and white stripes to info@magpiestrust.org and we will use these to decorate our home at Victory Park.

  • Player/Manager Q&A

At every Trust meeting we put on a Q&A session with a senior figure from the club. For future meetings we will extend this towards the playing and management staff at Victory Park, once again giving the supporters a chance to ask their questions to the people making the decisions both on and off the pitch.

  • Support Community Foundation

We want to support the Community Foundation much more thiss eason. This is one of the projects that our Super Fans are going to support, with a percentage from every Super Fan payment received from 1st July to the last home game of the 2023/24 season going towards the charity arm of the Football Club.

  • Dilute Fan Ownership Fund for ground project

Whilst we are still advocating fan ownership in the future, we feel that the recent transfer in ownership has put a pause on this plan. With that in mind the current Trust board feel that the money we have acquired in what is commonly known as the Fan Ownership Fund is to be used on a ground project which will benefit the supporters and enhance their experience whilst attending Victory Park - Something which we as a Trust will aim to continue. The fund has been built up by donations from individuals and we feel that it is right to contact these people to inform them of our decision and hope that they accept and understand the justification. With the rising running costs we are currently facing, our first case of action will be to remove the amount we need for the season, also helping us improve the Trust infrastructure and give back to the fans - With more to be announced soon.

We want to continue to offer a variety of events to both the supporters of the club and the wider community. Our main events could be along the lines of:

  • Christmas Quiz
  • Spring Race Night
  • Summer Car Boot
  • Sponsored Walks

Our first sponsored event of the season will be taking place on Saturday 1st July as part of the Trust Board walk from Victory Park to Euxton Villa in aid of Derian House. More info can be found on our Just Giving page.

Want to support the Trust in other ways? We currently have tickets for the Women's World Cup Sweepstake available in our online store.

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