June 22, 2023

2023 AGM | Chair Report

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Read the complete Chair report compiled by current Magpies Trust Chair, Julian Vass.

It is quite standard during this part of the meeting for the Chair to deliver a long statement outlining the season we have just had and this is going to be no different.  
However, I there will be a slight twist as we use visual aids to assist us. Plus, working in IT and being the ‘tech person’ around the Trust I thought it would make sense that I do this via a PowerPoint presentation.  
I’ll begin with, what have the Trust done this year in no particular order…
  • Once again held our annual Christmas quiz in the Social Club. Bringing a family fun event to the community.
  • Organised several sweepstakes in a variety of sporting and non-sporting events which helps raise funds for the Trust
  • Sold Golden Goals at every home game this season and had each set sponsored by a local business. Thank you to Stuart for arranging the sponsors, JP for printing, cutting and stuffing envelopes and finally Ian and Alison for selling.
  • Finished the season organising the 50/50 half time draw, increasing the sales towards the end of the season – Thanks go to Jon for allowing the Trust the opportunity. And thank you to our main seller Les for his hard work during the season.
  • Continued to be represented at a on the Club Board by our 2 Supporter Directors, Pete and Jonathan.
  • Held a Q&A session at all of our monthly meetings where possible – Thank you Graham for attending our meetings and providing our members open and honest communication.
  • Provided information to the Supporters regarding the recent share transfer, including meetings with Club officials, sending out invitations to our meetings and liaising with the Football Supporters Association.
  • Improved the Trust infrastructure with increasing our online presence, utilising technology available to us by moving forward with card payments, online store and online membership.
  • Purchased steward jackets which takes a cost away from the Club.
  • Donated towards the Chorley FC Community Foundation Soccer School which was used to pay for lunches for the children.
  • Ran a successful pledge scheme giving over £1,400 to the Club.
  • And finally completed a re-brand of Chorley FC Supporters Trust to return to the original name of Magpies Trust along with a new modern logo.
All of the above wouldn’t be possible without certain people, some of who I have already mentioned. This brings me on to the next section of saying thank you.
The thanks will begin with the previous custodians of the Club. Ken, Graham and his team of staff and volunteers have done a superb job in keeping the football club afloat and competing at a level which when I started watching this club it was only a pipe dream. They have acknowledged that the Club needed fresh injections into the Club and we as a Trust support their decision.
As ever, the Trust wouldn’t be able to operate without the support of our hard working volunteers and members. In addition to those I’ve already mentioned, I would like to thank Carole, Margaret and Maureen for their trophy organisation. Matthew for his organisation of getting hard copy programmes onto the terraces at Victory Park. Young Rory for being a constant reminder that the Club needs young blood coming through with his sterling work around the ground during clean up days.
I would also like to put it on record my thanks to our previous Chair, Chris Blackburn for all of his efforts with the Trust over the years and hopefully one day we will see him sit beside us again.  
Some people have different dreams in life. And one of mine has always been to do good by this Club and the supporters that go through those turnstiles week in and week out so what better way to do that than to become Chair of the official Trust of the club. I would like to thank my fellow board members beside me for allowing me this opportunity and I look forward to serving the supporters of Chorley Football Club next season too.
Finally, I would like to remind all of you here tonight that Magpies Trust is YOUR Trust. YOU, the members are all part of the organisation which owns 9.5% of OUR Club. With your support the Trust will progress and develop which in turn allows us to achieve our goal. Ultimately, the more the members support the Trust and keep that cycle going, the more we can support the Club.  
Thank you for listening.

Further information such as the Q&A with Senior Officials and the Trust 2023/24 plans will be published over the next few days,

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